About Pura

Nicky wished for an eco-friendly convenience stores to open in Ilkley - she dreamt of local and accessible shops in our villages & towns which provide sustainable, minimum waste, organic, animal & planet friendly/friendlier alternatives.


Nicky was born in West Yorkshire and has lived in Ilkley for over 15 years. She has taught Economics for much of that time and after years of discussing the challenges of market failure and climate change with her colleagues & students, she felt compelled to take action - to set up a business to help the residents of her local area to access products which are kinder to the local communities & habitat.


Pura is dedicated to sourcing and supplying goods from local, independent producers, to supporting ethical UK businesses and, wherever possible to providing refill options to minimise packaging waste. 


The products are currently delivered free of charge in Nicky's hybrid vehicle and the majority of the delivery miles are powered by electricity from a 'green' energy provider.   

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